When should you dispose your old car?

You might have an old car rusting away in your garage that you don’t wish to sell because of sentimental value. Or, you might have an old car that you still drive around but lately it’s been causing too much trouble in terms of costly repairs and maintenance. This might make you wonder whether you should get rid of the vehicle or not.

The question thus arises: when is it the right time to dispose your old vehicle? There are a few signs that, if seen, can indicate that the vehicle now needs to be scrapped or sold.

Calls for too much maintenance

If your vehicle is asking to be taken to the mechanic very often, you should start to closely monitor these visits. When regular maintenance costs are higher than a car’s value, you should consider selling the vehicle off.

Repairs cost more than the worth of the car

With old cars the problem often arises that they need repairs on something new every now and then, especially after even the smallest of accidents. When your vehicle’s mechanism gets old enough to ask for that many repairs, you should consider replacing it. Try to calculate the total repair costs and if they exceed the actual worth of the car, it’s a better option to sell the old car off and replace it with a new one.

Gas consumption is high and mileage suffers

The older the car, the older its mechanism and most old cars are not equipped with the technology to consume less fuel and produce more power. The vehicle will only be incurring more costs in terms of fuel to you and will be damaging the environment by producing harmful gases. In such a situation, it’s better to sell the old car to a Car Removal Company that will know how to dispose it in an eco-friendly way.

How to dispose your old car?

The easiest and most eco-friendly way to dispose your old car is to sell it to a Car removal company like Cash Scrap Car. We will purchase your old vehicle from you no matter what its condition and will take care of everything ourselves.

We’ll pick up the vehicle from your doorstep, carry out all the paperwork hassle ourselves and give you cash in your hand. We offer the best rates for all old cars because every vehicle is precious to us.

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