How Vehicles are Recycled at Cash Scrap Car Sydney?

Recycling is a perfect example of a sustainable industry; positively affecting environmental while using market-driven principles to create “green” jobs. We all know that a significant amount of the metal recycled from scrap vehicles ends up in finished products, like appliances and structural steel.

But what happens to several other parts of the vehicle? How are they recycled and reused in the market? Let’s take a read to learn more!

  • STARTER & ALTERNATOR can be removed and resold or sent for remanufacturing.
  • BATTERY can be resold or recycled. If neither, then all the batteries are removed and placed either in a covered storage area or in plastic containers with lids.
  • WINDSHIELD WASHER fluid is drained for reuse.
  • COOLANT is drained for reuse.
  • ENGINE & TRANSMISSION can be dismantled, reconditioned, and resold. Engines and transmissions removed from vehicles to be resold are stored under a permanent roof on an impervious surface, or in an outdoor covered, weatherproof container.
  • TYRES are removed and sent to approved recycling sites, never having more than a semi-load of tires on site at any time. Tires are reused depending on a visual inspection and tread depth evaluation. Worn tires can be recycled by shredding, cleaning, and processing into a variety of products including asphalt, playground surfaces and garden mulch. Additionally, worn tires can be used as a fuel for the beneficial recovery of energy.
  • STEERING WHEEL column is dismantled and resold.
  • STEREO is removed and resold.
  • SEATS can be removed to be resold.
  • GAS TANK is also removed and resold.
  • GAS is drained for reuse.
  • SHEET METAL can be removed and resold.
  • STEEL is recycled at a rate of more than 18 million tons each year from end-of-life vehicles.

Cash Scrap Car follows all these practices to prevent adverse impacts on the environment. Do you own an Unwanted or Junk Car, Van, UTE, 4WD, Truck or any other vehicle? Help us make Australia healthier and greener. Call us at 0401 009 994 and get rid of your old cars.