What To Do With Your Used Car That No Longer Runs

When your used car no longer runs, and you don’t want the expense of repairing it, what are your options?  Vehicles that are no longer roadworthy or not worth the cost of repairs are often considered scrap vehicles.  Typically, you don’t want the expense of advertising for a Scrap Car Buyer.  So, the two options that you have are towing the vehicle to a wrecking yard, and selling it to a car removal service.


There is a difference between the two.  Firstly, wrecking yards often require that you prep the vehicle prior to accepting the vehicle.  Prepping typically includes draining all the fluids, including the fuel and any liquids, and flattening or removing the tyres.  Some wrecking yards may offer you a few dollars for the vehicle while others will only provide the service of disposing of the vehicle for you.  With a wrecking yard, you will also need to provide your own towing.


With a Car Removal Company, you have a service provider that clears you from the hassles of getting rid of your scrap car.  The companies have built their businesses on offering free car removals; that include collecting vehicles “AS IS” fluids, fuel, and all, and paying cash.


Car removal companies are fast and convenient and pay anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars for recycling vehicles.


What Determines The Price of A Vehicle? 

There are different factors that a car removal company will take into consideration when determining the price of your vehicle.


Many car removal companies determine the value of the vehicle on its weight.  Obviously, heavier vehicles like SUVs will yield a higher price than a light vehicle like a sedan.  Other companies will also take into consideration any precious metals in parts under the hood that can be recycled.


Your best bet is to find a company that takes many different factors into consideration like the weight, size, metals, make and condition of the vehicle.  These are companies that likely will provide you with a higher cash offer on your vehicle.


Services will also take into consideration the time the vehicle has spent on the road.  So, you will be required to provide an honest odometer reading.


If your scrap vehicle is rusted out and dented, this will also affect the price and it will take longer to recondition and recycle the steel and metals.


When you receive a quote, keep in mind that the company should be current on scrap metal prices, and fluctuate their metal prices accordingly.  Typically, scrap cars generate anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to a thousand dollars.


What Paperwork Is Required To Scrap A Vehicle? 

When selling your scrap vehicle, you should have the original title of ownership.  Some companies will accept your photo ID and registration.


The company should provide the sales contract, which is essential when selling your scrap vehicle so that you are assured that you are free from any responsibility and liability for the vehicle.


How Do I Know A Company Is Legitimate 

Here, it is necessary to do your research.  Look for things to a company like being:
  • Fully licenced and insured.
  • A company that has their physical address and telephone number listed on their web page.
A company that offers the convenient services that make selling your car to a car removal company worthwhile.


What Questions Will I Be Asked When Selling My Car? 

Questions may vary from company to company, but most will ask:
  • The year of manufacture of your vehicle
  • The odometer reading of your auto
  • The vehicle identification number of the auto
  • The make of your vehicle
  • The model of your vehicle
  • Basic problems the car may have
  • The condition of the vehicle, including the engine and the body
Whether you have the title of ownership and the registration of the vehicle, or its scrap certificate


How Long Will It Take To Sell My Car? 

How long it takes will vary from company to company.  You’ll find that most will make a cash quote over the phone or on their web page.  Others will require that an appointment is set to inspect the vehicle to provide a quote.


If you receive a quote over the phone or online, you will then be asked to schedule a car removal. Many of the companies offer to pick up your vehicle within a few hours of accepting their quote and are offered 24 hours a day.  Others strictly work during business hours on weekdays.


Selling your car to a Car Removal Company offers vehicle owners a quick and easy way to sell their vehicle.  The key is to find a trusted and reliable company that has a history of high payouts.  So, research is necessary. Talk to cash scrap cars Sydney for more information